Monday, September 12, 2005


First Food Review Finally

Ok, it is about time I actually started blogging or reviewing food like I originally intended to. With porcrastination and deadlines on my heels I decided bloggin would be a good start to jump start my writing juices so I'm going to start with what I had over the weekend. Some people would know of this nice, not so quiet little shop situated in Taman Mayang, near the old Lim Kok Wing Campus. No, its not located anywhere near the shop lots but rather on the very far end of the run down stalls that you see by the side of the roads. It's a place that I call William's (after the name of the owner).

At first glance, the place doesn't look like much, just your typical roadside mamak shop. However, its when the food comes that you would really be surprised. William's has a plethora of food ranging from Nyonya style mixed rice to your typical mamak fare and one of the best pastas you can find in the Klang Valley. Yes, I'm telling you. Pastas. William's actually serves pastas and not your normal watery tomato sauce pastas, actual Italian style pastas. This is not surprising considering that William himself used to be a chef in a local hotel. I'm digressing however. As I said before what Williams really excels is in pastas. My girlfriend and I have eaten our fair share of Italian food (my girlfriends even been to Italy), and so far we've decided that Williams pasta, is much better, even then those serve at up class restaraunts.

Anyway, this is going to be a review of the dishes that he has made and I've eaten (of course) and I'm going to start off with a non pasta dish. Yes I know I was waxing lyrical about his pastas but bear with me for a moment. The dish I had, I will call it Pan fried breaded fish with butter prawn stuffed squid in Mash. Long huh. See the picture and you'll know what i mean.

What the dish is, is this. Deepfried butter prawns (chopped and mashed i think) were stuffed into these huge squids and then grilled. The fish on the other hand was lightly breaded and I think pan fried will perfectino. The mash is home made, with the mushroom, cheese sauce slathered all over it and the plate. So what of its taste. The squid is grilled just nicely and the stuffed butter prawns give it this lovely sweet taste that complements the squid. The stuffed butter prawns give a nice inner crunchy complement to the soft and tender squid. The fish is no featherweigh either. The cooks have managed to fry it to perfection and its taste absolutely delicious. One thing that you would have to look out for is the sauce though. It is delicious but... it is extremely rich. It does complement the home made mash. Now back to the point of pastas, the reason I had this dish was because I did not want to overeat. Obviously, not asking for pasta didn't help much. I was full as a pig and almost couldn't move. William can prepare a pasta variation of the dish and it taste as wonderful, I know, I;ve eaten it before. So what's the damage for such a fine dish. Mind you seafood dishes like these, in normal Italian restaraunts will set you back around RM30 maybe RM20 if you're lucky. Williams however charged me less then RM15 (i'm not sure the actual price caused I paid for it together with my girlfriends nasi lemak which i will blog on later). Remember i had two big pieces of squid stuffed with prawns and a huge piece of fish, and we know how expensive sea food can be. The pasta version of it is no different.

At less then Rm15 with drinks, William's offer really value for money meals. Ok the place is a bit dinghy but heck we're Malaysians what do we care about cleanliness of a place as long as the food is good. In fact I have a theory, the dirtier the place tends to be the more delicious the foods seems to be. Not that Williams is really dirty or anything but it is located in a shack beside the road. So if you want a good meal and don't mind your surroundings, go to Williams.

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